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SureSlim incorporates a holistic approach designed to correct your metabolism and balance the hormones in your body responsible for weight control.

SureSlim's major point of difference when compared to other weight loss programs is that it is medically supervised. This is important to many clients. SureSlim doctors continually monitor and audit weight loss and blood test result data to back up SureSlim's claims.

One such study has recently been completed on 353 SureSlim clients. They were analysed for weight loss, fasting cholesterol and blood glucose levels over several weeks. The average age of the subjects in the study was 47 years and the average length of follow up was 61 days.

Average weight loss was 8.1 kg or just under 1.0 kg per week. This was an 8% reduction in weight. Cholesterol reduced by an average of 21% and up to 56% in some cases. Blood glucose reduced by an average of 11% and up to 70% in some cases.

This means that such weight loss can not only help you feel fitter and happier about yourself, but it can also improve your metabolism. If you have a family history of heart disease or have a personal history of high cholesterol or diabetes, weight loss can help. It can even reverse the disease in many cases.

I often see people with high cholesterol and type II diabetics who are effectively 'cured' and medication has to be reduced or stopped by their doctors.

This is a very positive result as most people prefer not taking tablets every day.

Dr Martin Denby

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