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Weight gain is only a direct result of overeating


Any kind of stress or trauma such as financial problems, the death of a loved one, a car accident or operation can set off a Cortisol release, upsetting other hormones, causing you to gain weight.

35% of all SureSlim clients did not know they were suffering from a serious medical condition


Because certain foods can seriously affect one's health

SureSlim's Eating Plan is a high protein diet


SureSlim's Eating Plan is in fact a balanced Eating Plan. The SureSlim Quick Loss Eating Plan is relatively low in starch, or carbohydrate, as we believe that a high intake of refined carbohydrate is responsible for many peoples' weight problems. Unlike some very low carbohydrate diets, we also advise a low fat intake whilst on Quick Loss. Once their goal weight is reached, we teach clients to make healthy choices of unrefined carbohydrates such as fruit and vegetables, along with the healthier unsaturated forms of fats like olive or sunflower oil. Clients are also taught how to combine these choices with an exercise programme, in order to maintain their weight loss for life.

SureSlim does not promote exercise.


All SureSlim clients are encouraged to walk for between 15 & 20 minutes at least every second day whilst following the Quick Loss Programme. For those clients who follow a regular, strenuous exercise regime, there is the SureSlim Sportsperson's programme.

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